Then and now.. nothing’s changed

She let him in her life not knowing how long it would last, Slowly developing the love only expressed as unsurpassed. Once what was just a love affair now is impossible to tame, And she had only him and his love entirely to blame. For he gave her those silent blissful moments, When in a […]


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To make up or not to make up? 

Before the millennial get their head into the gutter, I’ll just clear the air I’m talking about make up! Yeah, the girly stuff. Like different brushes and primer and how to wing the liner. Well, not really. (I don’t know anything about it myself) I’m just talking about getting it or just refusing it (because […]

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That girl 

Give me back that innocence and give me back that soul, The untouched, unblemished and one beyond control. You left me stuck with this immense hurt and pain, Now that lil girl made an exit allocating charge to the criminal in brain. Could you possibly give me back those blissful times, Now that I’m no […]

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Pieces of time

Bitter felt the rain and so did the trauma,You walked away without even a sign. The girl who was once the sunshine for everyone, Is left only collecting the autumn leaves behind. She was raised to build an empire and conquer, She was strong and stubborn to fight against the storms. She might look fragile […]

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Kiss my cheeks when u leave me wrapped in the sheets next morning The feel of your breath on my neck keeps me yearning So I stay back waiting for your return just twirling up in the bed When I could be with someone who respects my time instead I convince myself I’ll let it […]

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I’m alive ! 

And ohhhh , I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m aliveAnd oh, I can fly, I can fly, I can fly And oh, I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive And I’m lovin’ every second, minute, hour, bigger, better, stronger, power. How’s that for an intro? No? Ok, fine, another fun fact- I’m not great at writing intros […]

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#HE, reason for my glee

He was the only star in her sky, And the answer to her every why. She was the remedy to his lack of romance, Although not a clear case of love at first glance. Her smile was his only joy and tears his only worry, He was her state of trance when things felt right […]

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I confess! 

Loving him made me go crazy,  Like walking a thousand miles when you are lazy. But regardless of the emotional roller coaster, I would always choose him over any other’s shoulder.  Forget the future and what it holds for the two of us, All such opinions and discussions remain superfluous.  Love, Shweta xx 

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Lift yourself! 

You know those times? When nothing seems wright? (Like this spelling?) I know it’s right but I swear I feel like nothing in this universe wants to tune in with me. So I decided to skip writing something long and come across as mentally challenged  (as to before when I just helped you make a […]

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